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The Pros And Cons Of Getting An Online Education
Wednesday, September 14, 2011 - By Admin

Without a post secondary degree nowadays, you stand no chance at getting a job. This is because a university degree is the new high school degree - since everyone has one, it has become the new bare minimum employers look for. It won't be easy for many students to even get accepted to a post secondary institution due to limited space in classrooms, let alone trying to pay for the steadily rising costs associated with such an Endeavour.

1. An Online Education
This is where online education comes in. Online college education doesn't have class size restrictions, and it's significantly cheaper than attending a traditional university. If you need to work and study at the same time without conflicts between the two, online university courses can help there too.

2. It's the Real Deal
First of all, it should be made clear that an online degree isn't the equivalent of the traditional degree, it is the traditional degree. You get the same piece of paper, say, a MBA, after completing either program. This is because you take the exact same courses in order to complete the program, only they are offered in a different medium.

3. The Pros Also, Cons Of An Online Education

- No waiting lists for popular programs

- You can set your own schedule for studying, therefore this works online education is great for people who want to work a full time job and take their classes online by night.

- Great for parents, because it allows them to still spend quality time with their children and then work on school work when the children are asleep or a school.

- Great for those that have busy schedules, because of the internet you can connect to your education anywhere, anytime

- Chat with other students in the same classes as you can be fun to do online because people don't see you and will treat you based on your work and what you say as opposed to how you look

- Many find it difficult to finish the degree in a reasonable time period because often online education is some sort of correspondence program with very loose and flexible deadlines

- Lack of interaction with teachers leads some prefer more traditional education where they can interact in person with a teacher

- Some employers may not put as much weight in a certificate or degree from an online institution

- Some online programs (especially degree programs) are more expensive than their equivalent offline programs

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Distance Learning in Education Services to Enhance Your Expertise
Wednesday, September 14, 2011 - By Admin

Distance learning in education services prepares students for various careers in the field of education. Some of the educational services are elementary and secondary school teacher, college and university faculty, instructional coordinator, vocational education teacher, remedial education teacher, student’s counselor, library technician, self enrichment teacher and training specialist. Apart from these careers other educational services include education product design and development services, education course and curricula development, international education consulting services, international credential evaluation, etc.

Distance learning in education services enhances your expertise in specialized teaching techniques such as how to create a successful classroom literacy program, how to better examine and expand student's varying learning styles and intelligence levels, and how to utilize technology to enhance and facilitate the learning process. A degree in education accompanied by a strong academic background gives you confidence and professional expertise in the field of teaching.

New Opportunities
Distance learning in education services, also offer advanced degree courses in education administration, education supervision etc. Education administration degree courses are available in school finance and budgeting, school law, community relations, etc. Education supervision degree courses are available in human relations, curriculum development, supervision of instruction and curriculum, etc.
Online education courses and distance learning facilities have raised more challenges for education professionals than ever before. It has given an international dimension to education. Countries around the world are trying to promote their educational services through online technology. New careers are offered by distance learning in education services targeted for international exposure. An education product design and development professional stays abreast of new education research and technology and continually designs new education strategies and approaches to retain a competitive edge in an international arena. An international education consultant evaluates a number of education programs and materials and provides accurate and up to date information on international higher education. International credential evaluators evaluate educational credentials from any country in the world into their US equivalents.

Resources for Distance Learning in Education Services
There are plenty of online degree programs available for education services. Many of them are accredited by the National Council for accreditation of teacher Education; and by the Educational Leadership Constituent Council. The web site E Learners is a search engine for accredited online degrees, while the site CollegeandUniversity is a convenient, comprehensive and personalized source of degree programs and related information. Educational Pathways is a paid subscription newsletter covering distance learning and teaching in higher education. Get Educated is an online degree clearinghouse for accredited colleges and universities while Classless is also a very good higher education portal.

Demand for education professionals is expected to grow substantially by 2012. Education will continue to hold a special place in people's lives. Private institutions, local and state governments and corporations will continue to offer various education programs.

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Online Schooling: Can It Work For You?
Wednesday, September 14, 2011 - By Admin

Isn't it amazing how education has changed over the years? Who would have thought that online schooling would become an option? And a perfect option it is for many people.

Just imagine that you are an older person for example who needs to work to support your family but would really love to gain that degree that you have always wanted to ensure a promotion or perhaps a new job. Well now you can do that by using online schooling. I suppose in a way it is like night time study except you can do it in your own time without actually having to attend classes and lectures.

Many people for many varied reasons have not been able to fulfill their dreams by going to university or school to obtain the education that they long for. Now with this type of option the sky is the limit.

You can obtain degrees, bachelors, and masters and so on this way. In fact you can study for just about everything and anything this way. There are many universities worldwide that offer this educational option. Perhaps you are looking for that added certificate to ensure you of the job you want or perhaps you want a change in occupation all together.

You will find options for qualifications in Arts, Sciences, Medicine, Education, Trades, and much more. Just imagine studying like this and being able to free yourself from traveling time and expenses. That in itself is a bonus.

What you do need to do first is to make sure that the educational facility offering you this type of schooling is accredited to do so. There are many scams out there that offer these degrees so do your homework first. You don't want to hand over your money to obtain what you think is an accredited certificate for a degree to only find out that it is worth nothing.

Once you do sign up with an accredited university and start your course you will soon see how convenient and efficient it is to gain a high standard of education online. Just remember that there will be people who disagree with this type of education but as long as you are going through an accredited university or school then your certificate will be held in the same respect as any other.

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Getting Ready For Home Schooling Your Child
Wednesday, September 14, 2011 - By Admin

So, are you thinking about home schooling your children? Are you skeptical if that is the right thing to do? Do you need information on home schooling and the curriculum for a home school?

Every parent/guardian goes through the same set of questions when they are exploring home schooling as an option for their children. Like everything else, home schooling too has its own advantages and disadvantages. However, taking an important decision like this is not an easy task for any parent or guardian. They need to check the suitability of home schooling for their children. And they also need to check if they would be able to provide the required dedication for home schooling of their children. Yes, it's very true that home schooling is almost like a full time job (rather, more than a full time job).

Note that, here you are trying to setup a small school for your child (which is by no means a small task). You need information about the home schooling curriculum. You need to fulfill various statutory requirements. And you need to arrange for everything on your own. In such a scenario, you need access to a lot of information and resources that can help you with the task of home schooling your children.

Children are devoted to learn new things. This hunger for education exists within and outside the school. It is long lasting and it follows the children. Thus, even if they are out of the basic institution for education they can learn a lot.

Even if you are not enrolled in a university, you can still acquire knowledge. In addition, this learning can be had without traveling much. Yes, you can have same knowledge that other students acquire even when you just stay at home. This system is called home schooling.

Home schooling, otherwise known as home education, is a curriculum designed for children to study at home. This is in contrary to the usual education offered by an education institution like the parochial or public school.

When parents feel that complete education can no way be acquired in private or public schools, they resort to home schooling.
Home schooling is legal in all parts of the United States. However, said laws may differ from one state to another. In fact, home schooling revolves around three categories. They are private school laws, equivalency laws and home education laws. Inquiry must be done first in order to know which of the three laws are suited to you and your children

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